Let's Hope Juno Temple Finds A New Show

Even thoughVinylwill not be coming back for a second season, we shouldn’t give up hope that Juno Temple will one day be nude again on a cable show. In fact, I would bet that it happens sooner rather than later.

Of course, I can’t know any of this for sure, but I think we all got used to seeing Juno Temple once a week and now that the show's been cancelled, that’s kind of hard to deal with. Sure, Vinyl was a bit of a mess, but whenever Juno Temple was nude on the show, it made up for all of the flaws. Plus, there are a whole number of shows that Juno Temple would be great on. Masters of Sex is the first one to pop into my head. Maybe a Netflix show like Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, which were totally lacking in the nudity department this season. Who cares what kind of role she plays, she’s a great actress and could workwonders on many, many shows.

Until that day happens and Juno Temple makes her return to cable (or streaming) television, at least we have all the great nudity she has given us so far. Plus, I have feeling she’ll be doing more spreads like this to make sure we don’t forget how beautiful she is… like we could ever forget.