Actress’s Actions on Set Do Nothing to Dispel Rumors She’s into Anal

While filming her new romantic comedy Bride Wars, reports WENN, Anne Hathaway was seduced by the rhythm of the dance and ejaculated the magic words, “Fuck me!” when some guy grabbed her ass.

Anne, whose career took off with starring roles in Disney’s The Princess Diaries (not to be confused with The Anal Princess Diaries) and its sequel The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (not to be confused with Anal Princess Diaries 2), got a lot of men’s hopes up earlier this year when an Internet rumor that she liked it in the ass was making the rounds.

This latest incident took place during a dirty dancing scene when Anne thought the cameras had stopped rolling.

The actress decided to have a little fun with her dancing partner, not realising cameras were still rolling.

She explains, "My favorite part of the scene got cut out of the movie. At the end of it I run up to my partner and I did a handstand at his feet and wrapped my legs around his head and pulled myself up and then he grabbed my butt.

"I opened my legs wide, into a V, and I said, 'Fuck me!'"

As you command, princess.