Anna Paquin misunderstands the effect she has on her audience.

There are a lot of things about the smash hit HBO series True Blood that one could label weird. Vampires living among humans. Hypnosis-induced cannibalism. Vampire blood as the ultimate drug. But one part of the show that is definitely not weird is star Anna Paquin nude.

The actress thinks that her fans can't get past the fact that she was once a sweet, innocent child star and must be a little creeped out by her near constant flesh displays on the show. But that won't stop Anna from peeling and revealing as much as possible.

Paquin said:

It's been a gradual evolution for me. It's probably weird for people to watch it and if they have this image of me as a sweet little child, but it's not weird for me.

My wardrobe is awesome. I'm practically naked the entire timewhat's not to love?

While we find Anna's logic a bit fuzzy regarding the weirdness factor, we're in total agreement on her latter point: She's practically naked the entire timewhat's not to love?