Hit vampire series True Blood became the new MVP of cable TV nudity last season with bare-breasted debuts by Lizzy Caplan and Anna Paquin nude. So what better way to kick off the new season than Anna, nakeder than she's ever been before?

Sunday's season 2 premiere featured a bloodsuckingly steamy sex scene between Paquin and her onscreen (and real life) love, Stephen Moyer. Anna's bananas came out once again, and we even got a very slight look at some undercrackage!

That's the good news. What's the better news? There's more to come!

CelebNewsWire reports that Anna recently dished:

"I get more naked this season than I did last season . . . It's not an issue for me. I'm very careful about what I eat, and I work out a lot. My costume entails bathing suits, short-shorts and nude scenes."

Fangs a million, Anna!