Pretend Playboy Playmate Anna Faris Dishes on Hugh Hefner's Approval of Her Breasts and Her House Bunny Nude Scene

Anna Faris is hard at work trying to fill seats for her upcoming release The House Bunny, which opens nationwide this Friday. So naturally one (or make that two) topic is getting more attention than any otherAnna's outstanding, Playmate-quality body!

The celluloid donner of skimpy get-ups claims that one very important person had to approve of her physique before she could claim her bunny earsHugh Hefner, of course. Luckily the nudie-mag honcho liked what he saw. Anna explains:

Hef was staring at my chest because I had my Bunny outfit on. But he was very lovely and charming. He has some scenes in the film and I thought he was pretty good at playing himself.

I would like to say that I slept with Hef but I didn't. I'll dispel that rumor right now.

As well as getting sexy for the Bunny onscreen, Anna also appears on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy. She said of the experience:

I did feel very sexy during the photo shoot and I was really getting into it. There was a moment there when I thought, "Maybe I should just take it all off." But I don't think I'm ready to be a centerfold.

What Anna was ready for, however, was her first nude scene, explaining:

It was my first nude scene and it wasn’t supposed to be me. I had a body double and we had some complicating factors with her. It was sort of a last minute thing, where I said, "I’ll just go ahead and do this."

I was really uncomfortable. This crew that I’d been working with, that knows me when I put on my producer hat, suddenly sees me naked. It was really humiliating.

Anna says humiliating, Mr. Skin says hot! But(t) it remains to be seen how much of Faris's frame will make it on the screen. Hopefully Hef himself made a point of being on set that day to make sure the camera caught all of Anna's assets. The booby Bible baron surely wouldn't endorse a movie that only bared a little bit of naked shoulder, would he?