Film Festival Flesh-Flashing

There are still more news and nudes to report from the South by Southwest film festival.

The new mall cop comedy Observe and Report, directed by Eastbound & Down creator Jody Hill, stars Anna Faris as a haughty hottie who works behind the makeup counter at the mall and won’t give bipolar security guard Seth Rogen a second glance.

Fortunately we do get a first, second and third glance at a non-nude but still sexy Anna.

After baring cleavage 5 minutes into the movie, Anna flashes her bra and panties at the 46 minute-mark.

Twenty minutes later, we get to see Anna’s bra-clad boobs as she bangs Ray Liotta.

Attention mall shoppers, we need a cleanup in the lingerie aisle!

The plot concerns a flasher who’s terrorizing the shopping center.

But you’ll be more interested in the unwitting blonde boob-barer who we get to see in the changing room as Seth and his fellow security guard Michael Pena scope out the changing rooms.

You might need to do some changing yourself after that.