Amy Schumer Needs to do More Stuff in a Pool

I’m not quite sure what it is about the combination of cleavage and pool water that makes someone hot look even hotter. I have to say that these pics of a cleavage-y Amy Schumer in a pool are probably the hottest pictures of her I have ever seen.

You know it might be that Amy Schumer happens to own some of the best cleavage around these days and the white low cut bathing suit and water have nothing to do with it. I can’t really be sure and I don’t much care about being sure. All I really care about is how great Amy Schumer looks in a pool. Not to take away from the picture of her in the nice dress on the bed, she looks pretty hot in that one as well, but the pool pics…. those tickle more than my funny bone, if you catch my drift. Yeah, you are catching my drift… as corny as it is. Hey, Amy Schumer is the funny one, not me. And the sexy one.

If anyone could figure out a way to work a pool scene into a comedy, it would be Amy Schumer. Hopefully she loves these pics from InStyle as much as we do and finds a way to add a couple of scenes in a pool in her next movie. Hell, just make the whole movie about pools. Amy Schumer in a sexy bathing suit in a pool making jokes, I’d see that.