We already knew that Amy Schumerwasn't concerned with being nude (bless her), but we didn't know that she was this lax. According to her latest book, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, she has a sex tape out there in the ethers - and she is completely unconcerned with whether or not it leaks.

Amy Schumer Has a Sex Tape

In her book, which is filled with sexual anecdotes, she says she returned from a trip abroad once to approximately one million calls and texts from her publicist, and her assumption was thather sex tape had leaked. She promptly called her publicist back, intent on telling her that she simply didn't care.

Amy Schumer Has a Sex Tape

But, I mean, if she doesn't care, why doesn't she just release it herself? Let's talk about the pros here:

  1. No one can ever leak it if she releases it herself.
  2. It's probably great publicity.
  3. We get to see it!

See? Everyone wins. We can only hope Amy will take it upon herself to share such a wonderous video with us sometime in the future. For now, a girl can dream.