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Nude Roles: 4

Birthplace: Bamberg, DE

Date of Birth: 11/17/68

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If there is a perfect combo of where you're born and where you're raised molding who you become, Amber Michaels would be in the upper right quadrant for being an odds-on porn ICON... Germany born and Florida raised! This blonde bombshell is an absolute stick of dynamite on the screen and a legend in the adult entertainment world. Born in Germany but adopted by a Florida family, Amber didn't follow the traditional path of getting into the biz at a super young and naïve age: she was in the US Air Force and became a Registered Nurse before she actually jumped into the hardcore universe at 30 years old, back in the late 90s. Nowadays that would make her an instant step-mom/MILF candidate without a conversation, but Amber quickly became one of the more popular artists in the game. Although her crossover appeal was mostly in the late night "Skine-max" variety, which falls firmly within our wheelhouse, she blasted out some amazing softcore scenes in Legal Seduction (2002), and Sexual Escapades (2004). But her best work came in Kelly's First Nudist Retreat (2005). In a bra and panties which quickly come off, seemingly because that's against the whole nudist retreat rule set, Amber has some lovely lesbian sex with a blonde babe. What a treat it is to watch her eat the girl out before some 69ing! First nudist will give you the sorest wrist! Amber's last film came in 2016, when she took a role in the CEOs and office ho's hardcore porno Corporate Espionage. With smartphones everywhere, kids these days will never know the joys of muting the TV, putting your finger on "last", and having a blast to Skinemax's getting off offerings. While showing penetration was off the table, when Amber Michaels was on, nothing was hotter than late night cable!