Say It Loud, Say It Proud, Say It Often; Alison Brie Is Super-Duper Hot

What can be said about Alison Brie that hasn’t already been said? Alison Brie is a stunner, Alison Brie is super hot, Alison Brie is everybody’s dream girl; all of those things have been said, but thankfully Alison Brie’s hotness is worth repeating.

I have been wracking my brain to figure out what combination of words haven’t been spoken when describing Alison Brie in all her hot glory. She can go from the sweet, funny, and charming girl next door to knock out, drive you up the wall, make you want to run away with hertemptress with the greatest of ease. When you come across a hottie like that, you run out of things to say quickly. How about, holy moly Alison Brie is one smoking hottie! No, someone already said that? Hmmm…. What about Alison Brie, she’s got abs you could fry an egg on! Okay, okay, okay, I got it… Alison Brie is hotter than a thousands suns exploding causing a chain reaction in which a thousand other suns get really hot! Really, somebody already said that one as well? You know, maybe there isn’t anything else we can say about the hotness of Alison Brie.

Alison Brie’s hotness is one of the few things in life that we can talk about over and over and over again. It never gets old, it’s never boring, and it’s totally cool if you just keep repeating yourself.