There’s nothing quite like genuine, amateur porn. With amateur categories across all major websites filled with new content every day, finding and watching some good old amateur porn shouldn’t be an issue, right? Unfortunately, that never actually seems to be the case. Recognizable faces, questionable acting and ‘professional’ looking performances all seem to be a recurring theme in the category. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with this, more often than not it leaves you craving something a little moregenuine.

It’s exactly that reason why this video from German amateur legends Ersties really caught our eye. The premise of the video is this; take two twenty-something year old students, put them together in a room with nothing but a bed, and introduce them for the first time on camera.

The appeal really lies in its realness. Tension, nervousness and excitement are all visible in the young pair - something which is surprisingly refreshing to see. It feels real, raw and relatable. The genuine attraction between the two is evident and the hiccups and moments of uncertainly produce this altogether new dimension on a porn shoot.

This isn't unusual for the shoots produced by the all female team at Their philosophy of real, natural girls exploring their sexuality in front of camera shines through throughout - no made up stories, just real life. To see the full extended version of this clip and more, check out now.

Also, for a peek into the day to day life atErsties, check out theirTwitterandInstagrampages, where they post daily glimpses behind the scenes with the girls.