Streamate model ShemaleAllison is a vision. She's the guest on this week's Mr. Skin Podcast, but she also took time to talk to us about what it's like to be a cam girl. From her celebrity crushes to her weirdest fan requests, Allison opens up and lets us learn more about her sexy life. Keep reading to learn more and listen to the most recent episode here.

SKIN CENTRAL:How did you get into cam modeling?

SHEMALEALLISON: In 2005 I had just been let go from my job at Zellers and one of mygirlfriends talked about camming and said there was a Trans Pornstar named Tasha Jones (she has since passed on) who was hiring trans girls to do webcam shows. It paid $50 per show 3 times a week, of course, I said yes.

SC: How do you prepare for a day of camming?

SA: When it comes to preparing for a day of camming I have a bit of a self-care moment prior to and following. I take a nice shower with some music. I figure out what I'm wearing and then before I go on cam I put a little perfume on. Camming can be a little stressful. Clients watching can be demanding and so in order to be able to handle all that I like to create an atmosphere that's comfortable and calming.

SC:Any other cam models that you follow or inspire you?

SA: I do follow Velvet Skye she's been such an inspiration to me. She's the only one I follow.

SC:What's the strangest request you've received during a cam show?

SA: Oh gosh! The strangest request! There are just so many. I'm a non-smoker and I was once offered a ton of money to smoke a cig with my ass. I, of course, turned it down but it was the weirdest by far.

SC:Most popular requests?

SA: I think the one request I get a lot is the whole "Mother/Son" roleplay and there's ZERO judgment obvi.

SC: Do you interact with your fans on social media?

SA: Yes, I'm very social on social media. I answer every single message request as soon as possible. I interact with all my #AlleyCats each and every day because without them how do I have the life I have? I don't it's that simple.

SC: Who are your celebrity crushes?

SA: Hmmmmm I've had the worst crush ever on Buck Angel forever and also Rocco Steele. Those are my Porn crushes. Mainstream crushes are of course Tom Holland, Hugh Jackman, and Dave Batista. I've also had a very healthy lady crush on Angelina Jolie her performance in Maleficent was beyond breathtaking.

SC: Do you have a favorite nude or sex scene from a Hollywood movie?

SA: My fav nude scene of every movie I've ever seen is Ewan McGregor in The Pillow Book. There was something so beautiful about the way it was shot. It was a nude scene with purpose and for me, that made it all the more beautiful.

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