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This week, we're chatting with buxom beauty Nelly Binder!

A SKINterview with OnlyFans Model Nelly Binder

Skin Central: Describe yourself in five words...

Nelly Binder: Seriously shy yet eternally curious.

A SKINterview with OnlyFans Model Nelly Binder

SC: Who is your celebrity crush?

NB: I don't have one since I prefer to focus on real people rather than celebrities.

SC: What qualities in a man turn you on the most?

NB: A kind personality, intelligence, and sense of humor.

A SKINterview with OnlyFans Model Nelly Binder

SC: What made you want to be a content creator?

NB: I wanted to share my passion for kink and my sexual desires with the world.

SC: What would you like to say to your fans?

NB: Thank you for supporting me. You inspire me to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new aspects of my sexuality.

A SKINterview with OnlyFans Model Nelly Binder

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