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The 20 Most Iconic Moments in Celeb Nudity

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of MrSkin.com, the world’s foremost authority in celebrity nudity from film and television has gathered together the 20 most iconic moments in celeb nudity history. A whole host of factors went in to determining this list from the celeb’s star power, to the moment’s cultural impact, and the overall quality of the content itself. All moments were ranked by these factors on a scale from 1-10, with Mr. Skin himself breaking any ties. The scenes on this list range from famous movie scenes to shocking, unscripted moments that changed the entertainment landscape forever, all united in the fact that you will never, ever forget them, or where you were when you first witnessed these 20 iconic moments in celeb nudity history!

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The List
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Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction
2 2 hover
Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape
3 3 hover
Sharon Stone’s Leg Cross In Basic Instinct
4 4 hover
Halle Berry Raw & Real In Monster’s Ball
5 5 hover
Emilia Clarke’s Nude Debut On Game Of Thrones
6 6 hover
Phoebe Cates' Fast Times Flash
7 7 hover
Mark Wahlberg’s Diggler In Boogie Nights
8 8 hover
Chloë Sevigny Blows Vincent Gallo
9 9 hover
Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s Sex Tape
10 10 hover
Marilyn Monroe Poses For Playboy
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11 11 hover
Nypd Blue’s Fcc Fineable Scene
12 12 hover
Showgirls Celebrates Nc-17
13 13 hover
The Shower Scene In Porky’s
14 14 hover
Jayne Mansfield Makes History
15 15 hover
The Boys Of Brokeback Mountain
16 16 hover
American Pie Revives The Teen Sex Comedy
17 17 hover
Kim Basinger's Erotic Journey In 9½ Weeks
18 18 hover
Kink Goes Mainstream In Fifty Shades
19 19 hover
The Plot Twist Of The Crying Game
20 20 hover
Pg-13 Goes Nude In Titanic