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Top 10 Best Celebrity Thong Shots Ever

Mon, Aug 24, 2009 @ 12:15am by Mr. Skin (15 Comments)
Top 10 Best Celebrity Thong Shots Ever

Hottest Thong Shots Ever

. . . Cheeky!

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Dr. Butts is back. My computer was down.Damn. Melinda too hot. I loved the Katherine Heigl, thong shot in" My Father The Hero." I was 17 in those days.I was young too.That was on Channel 7. You could practically see her whole butt. Pretty sexy.

James @ 6:57AM on October 7, 2009

Melinda Armstrong in Bikini Summer, so fine. She bent over to pick up something.We saw part of her bum hole. She was so hot.What the hell hapenned to her?

James @ 6:53AM on October 7, 2009

This list is perfect for all the ass guys out in Skin Land. James a.k.a. Dr. Butts, are you there? Sorry, I'm not one of those ass guys, but the list is phenomenal and a great display of "cheeky" moments and nine favorites of mine out of ten ain't bad at all. Nice work guys!

Skin_Enthusiast @ 7:42PM on August 24, 2009

These are all quite nice. Though Kim Cattrall should've been there. But she's english(-born) and these selections are all(-)American.

jarze @12:39PM on August 24, 2009


We don't discriminate! American, English, Albanian, whatever, we've got love for them all in Skinland. Cattrall is a great choice. There were just SO many amazing thong shots, it was very, very hard to narrow it down to just 10.

Muggsy (Skinployee) @ 3:03PM on August 24, 2009


"It was very, very hard." I get it Muggsy and not just for you, I presume, but all of Skin Central? Just kidding dude.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 7:47PM on August 24, 2009


So you say, but your actions speak for you.

jarze @ 9:11AM on August 25, 2009


Yes, they do jarze--and actions speak louder than words.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 1:05AM on August 26, 2009


I think Kim Cattrall has a huge fan in jarze. You were disappointed when none of her nude scenes made the Top 100 Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time list and now you're rather disappointed that she didn't make THIS list. Yeah, I'd say you have a shrine dedicated to her in your home. That's cool--I have one of Scarlett Johansson.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 7:53PM on August 24, 2009


Not actually. In the top100, there was many actresses that I like more (for example Anna Paquin, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly). But Kim Cattrall and Keira Knightley were not on that list, and not either on these top10 lists.

jarze @ 5:20PM on August 29, 2009


Yes, I know how you feel jarze. Every time one of these top ten lists come out, I can't help but remember fondly of how great and sexy (and nude!) Keira Knightley was in several movies, that I find myself crying uncontrollably when she can't secure a spot for herself.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 3:04AM on August 30, 2009


Hate to tell you Natalie Portman is actually Israeli born!

David Wells @ 4:44PM on January 9, 2012

What about Kim Catrall in "Live Nude Girls" ?!?!

Bob @ 7:30AM on August 24, 2009
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