Piranha 3D 1Dive into Mr. Skin's scene-by-scene, nipple-by-nipple, butt-by-butt, shaved-vagina-by-shaved-vagina breakdown of Piranha 3D — easily the full frontal runner to take topless honors — including Breast Picture — at the this year's Anatomy Awards

Piranha 3D explodes off movie screens this weekend with gushing geysers of three-dimensional, all-points nudity knocking out audiences nonstop — including this month's Playboy cover girl Kelly Brook nude with porn star Riley Steele nude in bald-vagina-baring underwater lesbian action.

Here's Mr. Skin's report on every moment of Piranha 3D nude:
Piranha 3D 2
PIRANHA 3-D (*Spoiler Warning*)

(0:12) Teen hero is looking on his computer at a "Wild, Wild" girl named "Missy" who is topless.

(0:19) There's a girl on a boat jiggling her breasts that have star pasties over them.

(0:19) Kelly Brook and Riley Steele are in bikinis dancing on Jerry O'Connell's boat. The crowd calls for a "motorboat" and Riley obliges by giving Kelly a lengthy one.

Jessica Szohr is in a white bikini sitting on an intertube in the water. Brook and Steele take off their bikinis and we get flashes of breasts and buns underwater.

Next thing we know they are doing some graceful full frontal swimming set to classical music.

Both Kelly Brook and Riley Steele display nonstop boobs, butts and shaved pussy — including full-labia backburger shots.

The whole scene goes on for about 3-4 amazing, celebrity-nudity-history-making minutes.

(0:30) Jessica Szohr is on the boat in her bikini after McQueen goes looking for her in the water. O'Connell helps Riley Steele back onto the boat and we see her butt and left breast.

Piranha 3D 3(0:39) Jessica Szohr does a body shot off Riley Steel. So there's a close-up of Jessica licking salt off Riley's body, doing the shot from her belly button and then getting to the lime in her mouth which results in some nice full-on lesbian face-sucking action.

(0:45) Gianna Michaels is parasailing topless. Her nude breasts are huge. There is even a shot where her breasts are lowered just under the water as if she was gliding atop it.

(0:49) Eli Roth is hosting a wet T-shirt contest. He sprays a bunch of girls but only one of them takes her top down.

(0:58) Nancy Walters is in a blue bikini standing on a boat with some other girls when a wire from a stage slices her suit. Walters' bikini top comes undone displaying her breasts.