perabo looper

We've seen Piper Perabo play a wide variety of roles in her career, but it's been far too long since we've seen her in our favorite: naked girl.

Well, cheer up, Piper fans, because our Skin Skout just left a preview screening of the time-travel action flick Looper (2012) at the Toronto International Film Festival and he reports that in the film, Piper breaks a non-nude streak that has lasted since 2001's Lost and Delirious.

Piper's role has been kept under wraps save for a seductive promo photo (above), so we won't tell you too much. But we will say she plays a "showgirl" who dances on stage in lingerie and then bares breasts in bed with star Joseph Gordon-Levitt 24 minutes in. Sorry, butt men- no Pooper.

Looper (2012) opens in theaters on September 28, but you can see Piper Perabo nude in Lost and Delirious (2001) right now here at!