We've got an unusual assortment of nude features opening this weekend, with polar opposites Oblivion (2013) and In the House (2012) hitting the big screens. Big-budget action is king in the Tom Cruise helmed Oblivion, but Brit babe Andrea Riseborough (who is concurrently showing nude in Disconnect) lets us see the softer side of things by baring buns during a skinny-dip. In limited opening is the slow-boil French flick In the House (2012), which features Hall-of-Famer Emmanuelle Seigner showing her think pieces while riding a guy in bed.


Imagine a live-action version of WALL-E with the cute lil' robot replaced with Tom Cruise. The producers of the sci-fi flick Oblivion (2013) would probably object to such a description of their project, as after all this is a Very Important Movie that asks the Big Questions about Who We Are and How We Got Here. But c'mon-- Cruise plays Jack, the last remaining drone repairman left behind on an Earth devastated by decades of war with an alien race. While scavenging through the rubble, Cruise discovers some remnants of Earth's past civilizations that make him question what he's always believed to be true. Just like WALL-E...right? One way that Oblivion is quite different from a Pixar flick, however, is the bare butt from Andrea Riseborough as she strips down for a futuristic skinny dip 26 minutes in.

See the trailer for Oblivion here

SeignerA gifted literature student's strange inspiration leads to some rather shocking consequences in François Ozon (Swimming Pool)'s In the House (2012). Germain (Fabrice Luchini) is a French lit teacher whose boredom with and distaste for his intellectually indifferent students is shaken up when he reads an essay by his pupil Claude (Ernst Umhauer) about invading a nearby bourgeois family's home. Intrigued by the concept, Germain encourages Claude to further develop the "story," but when the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur, Claude's curiosity will have consequences for both himself and his teacher. Costar Emmanuelle Seigner will have you raising the roof (in your pants, that is) when she busts out her bombers taking a mustachioed man for a ride.

See the trailer for In the House here