We've got a couple of nude picks for you this week in theaters: First, Korean act-chest Doona Bae makes her leap into the Hollywood mainstream with a topless role in Cloud Atlas (2012)--Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famers Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon also star in multiple roles, but they don't get naked, so whatever.

Also nude in theaters this week, super skinny model type Agyness Deyn makes her onscreen nude debut in the hyper-stylized English-language remake of Pusher (2012). Agyness plays a smack-addled pole dancer in the movie, but we'd still push it. Push it real good...

bae theaters 10.26.12Hugh Grant is unrecognizable in feathers and war paint, Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon play both male and female roles and, most bizarre of all, Tom Hanks attempts a Cockney accent in Cloud Atlas (2012), an ambitious, sprawling sci-fi mind-bender from the artists formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers (now Wachowski Starship) and Run Lola Run (1998) director Tom Tykwer. Based on a notoriously "unfilmable" novel by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas uses six interwoven story lines ranging from a 19th century Pacific voyage to post-apocalyptic Hawaii to explore themes of love, hate, fate, reincarnation and the interconnectedness of existence. That's heavy stuff, but you'll really be moved (in your pants, that is) when Korean actress Doona Bae (left) loses her shirt as a clone in the futuristic city of "Neo Seoul." The forecast in this Cloud Atlas? Horny with a 100% chance of boobs.

See the trailer for Cloud Atlas here

agyness theaters 10.26.12

Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn's frenetic cult classic about a week in the life of the world's unluckiest drug dealer gets an English-language remake in Pusher (2012). Richard Coyle stars as the titular pusher, Frank, whose life spins quickly out of control after a botched drug deal leads to a very large debt to a very, very dangerous man. As Frank desperately scrambles to raise the cash that will save his ass, you can sit back and enjoy supermodel Agyness Deyn (right) in her onscreen nude debut as Flo, Frank's pole-dancer girlfriend. 47 minutes in, Agyness bares breasts in the tub, a high that is not only legal, but leaves no unpleasant side effects-- aside from that crusty tube sock, of course.

See the trailer for Pusher here

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