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Mila Kunis Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive [PICS]

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 @ 1:00pm by Skin Central (9 Comments)

kunis sexiest 1

Despite a long and undistinguished record of nude near-misses and body doubles, Mila Kunis still consistently ranks in the Top 5 most searched celebs here at It's that kind of star power (her "just one of the guys" brand of humor doesn't hurt, either) that led Esquire Magazine to name Mila their Sexiest Woman Alive for 2012, an honor that comes as no surprise here at Skin Central:

kunis sexiest 2kunis sexiest 3kunis sexiest 4kunis sexiest 5

What's your take, Skin fans? Do you think Mila deserves the spotlight, or is she taking attention away from other, more deserving nude candidates? Make an informed decision with sexy pics and clips of Mila Kunis right here at!


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Maybe cute depending on makeup but hardly "sexy" but I'm not surprise Esquire thinks Rihanna is sexy also (nasty b*****)

J JACKSON @ 3:25PM on October 9, 2012

She may not be the best choice, but Esquire isn't really searching for the sexiest actress as much as they are promoting a big name Hollywood actress. There are sexier actresses, but there are only a small number of big name candidates that Esquire would consider.

JJ @ 2:16PM on October 9, 2012

No one should ever get sexiest woman without ever doing at least a topless scene in a movie. If they want to make the prize for most admired, prettiest or something ok but damn sure not sexiest. I don't think she is in the top ten

Brider @ 2:29AM on October 9, 2012

The only award Mila Kunis deserves is Biggest Tease Alive. Esquire should have given the award to Oliva Munn, who finally delivered the goods this year.

case99 @ 8:52PM on October 8, 2012

Is that a hint of areola between thumb and index finger in the handbra picture?

DICK @ 8:26PM on October 8, 2012
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