null, a site well known for their ‘documentary style porn’, launched a brand new Reality Porn Series and yep, it’s…a game changer! The premise is pretty fucking simple actually, ask normal girls what their biggest sexual fantasy in the world is and then make it happen! 

You know when an idea is so simple you think it must have been done before… well I’ve been racking my brains for a while now and nope, nothing! Oh Ersties you clever, clever bastards!

Episode 1 starred the gorgeous Lucy. She answered Ersties’ call with this request:


Dear Ersties,
For my ultimate fantasy I would like to be dressed in a decadent gown and call upon a procession of beautiful sex slaves to pleasure me royally!


“Fuck Yeah”, Ersties replied (they might not have, we’re just assuming this was their reply because…well, have you seen Lucy!?). We won’t ruin the premise, you can see that below in the video for Episode 1, but start thinking 1 girl, 4 guys, sex servants, fucking and orgasms galore and you’re on the right track!

If Episode 1 is anything to go by then The Ersties Sexual Fantasy Series is going to change the way you see porn. We asked Ersties how things were looking for the rest of the Series, and in their own words, “nothing is off limits”. Episode 1- Lucy’s fantasy is just the start and you can check it out below!


This shoot is the latest in a long line of boundary-pushing, pulse-racing shoots from the all-female team at 100 percent real girls, 100 percent real porn, in adventurous locations — it truly is porn with personality. If amazing amateur porn is your thing (and let’s face it, why the hell wouldn’t it be), then they have you covered.