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Laura Morante is the voice talent behind the Italian-dubbed version of The Incredibles (2004), adding a sexy purr to the voice of Helen Parr/Elastigirl. She’s been adept at arousal since her nude debut in the comedy Bianca (1984). In the kinky La Mirada del otro (1998), Laura’s half-dozen skin scenes exposed every part of this dark-haired beauty; she even let a guy sniff her snatch! She continued to act provocatively in the John Malkovich-helmed drama The Dancer Upstairs (2002). Your pants...

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La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:49:00 Ladies and gentlemen, we have acheived three B's! She throws on a shirt that doesn't do a very good job of covering up all her best bits, then roams around and admires a (naked!!!) painting of herself. (1 min 59 secs)
The Dancer Upstairs (2002) Nude, breasts 01:49:00 Teasy shower scene: brief side ass and some right tit as the camera pans up Laura's scrubbing form. (49 secs)
La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, breasts, butt 00:15:00 Laura slips out of bed and into a dress, but not before she exposes her delightful tetons and tush. (39 secs)
La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, bush 00:33:00 Only Morante's bush is exposed, as a dude frenziedly sniffs it while another dame's behind him, doing . . . what? I dunno, but it's deliciously crass, I'm sure. (10 secs)
La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:41:00 All that crotch-sniffin' has caused Laura to work up quite a sweat. She slips out of a futuristic shower, showing off some soaked stonkers and squatter. (11 secs)
La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, breasts 00:43:00 She mirrors herself on a projected video, pulling down her robe and gettin' pouty with perkers out. (15 secs)
La mirada del otro (1998) Nude, breasts 01:01:00 Laura (clad in a frizzy white wig) and her bared beans get felt up by a bald transvestite. And you thought things were weird before . . . (22 secs)
Remember Me, My Love (2003) Nude, breasts 01:24:00 Laura sobs in the tub. How sad. Laura also shows her left tit. How happy. (8 secs)


Remember Me, My Love (2003) - as Giulia Ristuccia

The Dancer Upstairs (2002) - as Yolanda

La stanza del figlio (2001) - as Paola

Dov'è mio figlio (1999) - as Luisa Ellis

La mirada del otro (1998) - as Begoña

Coppia omicida (1998) - as Carla

La Vallée fantôme (1987) - as Dara

Bianca (1984) - as Bianca

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