Brigitte Lahaie in The EscapeesOn the same day that we lost 10 director Blake Edwards, fans of movie nudity also lost another of its leading lights, the undisputed master of the surrealist erotic horror genre, Jean Rollin.

A true auteur Rollin was practically the patron saint of lesbian vampire movies, providing the world with classics like Fascination, Lips of Blood, and The Nude Vampire as well as Euro-sleaze like Bacchanales Sexuelles and Emmanuelle 6 with German Playboy model Natalie Uher.

Thanks to the films of Jean Rollin, we have plenty of fully nude footage of tasty French dishes like eye-popping porn princess Brigitte Lahaie and tempting twins Marie-Pierre and Catherine Castel.

Gone but not forgotten, Jean Rollin will live on in the many skinspirational films he left behind.

Bon soir, mon ami.