For men who grew up during the '90s (and comics nerds of all ages), X-Men: The Animated Series holds a beloved, nostalgic place in their hearts- and loins. But while Jean Grey's gazongas and Storm's skin-tight leotard were skinspiring confusing thoughts (and dirty doodling) in a generation of young boys, some of the show's voice talents were busy baring their flesh talents in live-action movies.

Join Skin Central as we put faces (and funbags) to the voices you remember!

zann/rogue 2Lenore Zann voiced sexy-but-untouchable mutant Rogue for the entirety of the animated series. Lenore herself is the opposite of untouchable, with 7 nude roles throughout her awesome anatomical career, skincluding Gross Misconduct (1993).

dale/mystiqueCanadian cutie Jennifer Dale took on the voice role of shape-shifting bad girl Mystique from 1994 to 1997. Juicy Jennifer bared her jugs in 7 slabs of skinema from the Great White North, starting with Stone Cold Dead (1979).

jenkins/ vindicatorAlso hailing from our neighbor to the north is Rebecca Jenkins, who voiced the character of Dr. Heather Hudson, aka Vindicator, the protectress of Canada, on X-Men: The Animated Series. Rebecca did the whole nude thing when she revealed her rack in Whole New Thing (2005).

anderson/snowbirdRounding out what is turning out to be a very Canada-centric list is Melissa Sue Anderson, who voiced the shapeshifting ice queen Snowbird on a 1992 episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. You'll wish she was blowing out your candle when you see Melissa Sue's sexy turn in Happy Birthday to Me (1981).

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