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Freema Agyeman is a nerd favorite for her run on the classic BBC sci-fi geekfest Doctor Who. The English act-chest even was cast on a spinoff called Torchwood. The ethnic beauty (her father is Iranian and mother is Ghanaian) will torch your wood. Yes, she's that hot. American audiences who don't wear glasses and read comic books into adulthood will more likely recognize her from her debut on this side of the pond in the CW's The Carrie Diaries. Coming to America seems to have allowed this...

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Sense8 02x01 various hd 02 large 5
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, breasts, lesbian 00:51:00 It's a suckin' and fuckin' montage with plenty of skin from Doona, Tuppence, Freema, and Jamie, all of whom bare boobs and buns while getting busy with a whole bunch of other people! (2 mins 27 secs)
Sense82x02 claytonagyeman uhd 02 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, breasts 00:11:00 Quick flashes of fun bags from both Freema and Jamie in this frenetic montage! (19 secs)
Sense82x11 claytonagyeman uhd 003 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Sexy, lesbian 00:23:51 Freema Agyeman, Jamie Clayton are skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 28 secs)
Sense8 s01e06 various hd 01 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, breasts Long montage scene that culminates in a bunch of characters having sex. It starts with uncredited ladies walking around fully nude, passing Max Riemelt in a hot tub. Then Eréndira Ibarra sticks her hand down her pants and shows some cleavage. Plus breasts on Jamie Clayton and Freema Agyeman as Jamie goes down on Freema. (3 mins 48 secs)
Sense8 s01e01 agyeman clayton hd 02 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, breasts, butt, lesbian Freema is on top of Jamie, pounding away as the two babes bump bagels, with Jamie baring breasts and Freema flashing her hoots and glutes! (1 min 34 secs)
Sense8 s01e06 agyeman clayton hd 01 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, breasts Jamie wakes up a topless Freema by nuzzling her and the two canoodle for a bit, both giving glimpses of their breasts! (1 min 7 secs)
Sense8 s01e10 agyeman clayton hd 01 large 3
Sense8 (2015-2017) Nude, lesbian A tender, sensual lesbian sex scene between Freema and Jamie that's a little light on skin, but heavy on the lip locking! (1 min 22 secs)
Sense8 02x01 agyeman clayton ibarra middleton hd 01 large 4
Sense8 (2015-2017) Sexy, lesbian 00:42:10 Tuppence Middleton, Freema Agyeman, Eréndira Ibarra, Jamie Clayton are skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 55 secs)

TV Shows

Sense8 (2015-2017) - as Amanita Caplan

The Carrie Diaries (2013-2014) - as Larissa Loughlin

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