24 ExposuresIf prolific indie director Joe Swanberg is not on your radar yet, you need to get with the program! He’s known in the film critic world for his micro-budget productions and improvisation heavy dramas, and celebrated here at Skin Central for landing 13 films on the Mr. Skin website. Thirteen! Including the hit feature Drinking Buddies (2013) which racked up rave reviews and brought us the always welcome sight of Olivia Wilde stripping down for a skinny dip!

His latest fantastically nude film, 24 Exposures (2013), is hitting theaters this weekend, and is all ready to give you a photo finish!

"Fetish photographer Billy (Adam Wingard) stages elaborate shoots around his fixations, photographing women in various stages of undress and death. When one of Billy's models winds up actually dead, depressed and romantically disillusioned investigator Michael (Simon Barrett), suffering through a crumbling relationship himself, knocks on his door and discovers a world he struggles to understand - in Billy's art, as well as his apparent ease at juggling professional and intimate relationships with a committed girlfriend and various models. Jealousy runs high, and meanwhile, a killer is still on the loose."

Thanks to our pals over at IFC Midnight we’re showing off a free peek at one of the breast scenes from Sophia Takal and Caroline White. Things are certainly well exposed in 24 Exposures:

24 Exposures
will be in select theaters and on VOD on Jan. 24, see the trailer and more here.