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Dharma & Greg (1997 - 2002)

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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Premiere Date: September 24th, 1997
  • Network: ABC
  • Country: USA

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Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson are Dharma & Greg, a madly mismatched couple that gets married on their first date. Tom's a stuffy sort with a law career and a silver spoon permanently lodged in his mouth, while Jenna is a carefree, clumsy moonchild who follows her heart and warms our parts with her hippie-dippy free-spirited antics. It's the Summer of Love all … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Jenna Elfman as Dharma Freedom Sexy sexy 1 2
Anne Ramsay as Nancy
Yeardley Smith as Marlene
Liz Vassey as Kim

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