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Christine Boisson likes to show off all her body, from her sharply upturned breasts to her dark, hairy bush. That's not stop-the-presses news when discussing a French actress. She also isn't too choosy about the roles she takes. Case in point: Born for Hell (1976), a Canadian/French picture about a homicidal nurse. Of course, she eventually found her niche and has since gone on to a stellar, skin-tastic career, with nude turns in quite a few films, including Le Mouton enrage (1974), Le Jeu...

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Mecanique boisson1 large 3
La mécanique des femmes (2000) Nude, butt, bush 00:38:00 Niiiice hairy crotch shot as Boisson gets her 'poisson' up off the bed and opens her skirt to tease the guy laying there. She follows up by flashing him some very snappy ass. (31 secs)
Enface boisson 01 large 3
En face (2000) Nude, breasts 00:41:00 A nice shot of Christine's right titlet as she tries to seduce Jean-Hughes wearing leather lingerie. (27 secs)
Lemout boisson 01 large 3
Love at the Top (1974) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:19:00 A young Christine walks down stairs, stark-naked, and greets Jean-Louis Trintignant and Florinda Bolkan with an eyeful of muff. Short but very sweet! (8 secs)
Emmanuelle boisson 02 large 3
Emmanuelle (1974) Nude, breasts 00:22:00 Young sweet Christine parks herself opposite Silvia, whips out her nubile boobiles, and strokes herself under her shorts. Smoking! (1 min 30 secs)
Identific boison1a cmb large 3
Identificazione di una donna (1982) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:30:00 Christine is number one making a number one on the terlit . . . nuuuude! Enjoy a nice long visit with all her bestest, breastest, nakedest parts when she gets up and gets dressed. (1 min 30 secs)
Emmanuelle boisson 01 large 3
Emmanuelle (1974) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:16:00 Christine watches Silvia dip skinny in the pool then jumps in to join her. See Boisson's poisson, as well as her boobs and buns. (1 min 24 secs)
Giochi fuoco boisson2 large 3
Le jeu avec le feu (1975) Nude, breasts, bush 01:27:00 Christine's tied up and standing around with a bunch of dudes. And good news--she goes frontal again. I love a happy ending! (1 min 13 secs)
Exterieur boisson2 large 3
Extérieur, nuit (1980) Nude, breasts, bush 00:00:00 Christine gets out of the tub after her dude falls in, and she gives us some glorious, massively furry French full frontal! (15 secs)


En face (2000) - as Clémence

In extremis (2000) - as Caroline

La Femme dangereuse (1995) - as Mélanie Fontana

La rage au coeur (1994) - as Sonia

Les amies de ma femme (1992) - as Victoire Jollin

Le passage (1986) - as Catherine Diaz

Rue barbare (1984) - as Emma-la-Rouge, dit Manu

Liberté, la nuit (1983) - as Gémina

Du blues dans la tête (1981) - as Carole

Naked Massacre (1976) - as Christine

Le jeu avec le feu (1975) - as Christina

Emmanuelle (1974) - as Marie-Ange

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