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Amanda Bynes Teases that Nudity Might Be in Her Future

Mon, Jan 11, 2010 @ 10:45am by Orlando Lockridge (12 Comments)

Amanda Bynes sexy Maxim picsShe's All That and Then Some

Quirky cute Amanda Bynes became a child star with her very own show on the kiddie network Nickelodeon, but she's finally proving that she's all grown up with a sexy lingerie spread in the latest issue of Maxim. She tweeted a few preview pics from the spread last week, but all of the pics hit today.

But Amanda's not only teasing us with these sexy shots. In the accompanying interview, Bynes let slip that we might see even more of her body in future films.

On showing off her more grown-up side, Bynes divulged:

I want to show people who I am. My parents were like, "Does this mean you're gonna do sexy movies now?" I said, "Well, if they're done the right way, then maybe!" I mean, I'm not gonna do porn, but if it's a Leonardo DiCaprio movie or whatever...

Quick! Somebody get Leo on the phone! But seriously, why does every actress say, "Sure I'll get naked, if the role will win me an Oscar"? And is there a way to petition for a special Academy Award category for these ladies? Best Assets in a Motion Picture perhaps?

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No. I never do. I was in 8th Grade. Five- 9th Grade Girls Mooned me and my friends. I was in 8th Grade. I guess that did it, Now I'm into Ladies behinds. That probably was the reason. LOL

James @ 9:19PM on January 12, 2010


No doubt that must've been the birth (or rebirth) of your sexual awakening, right? I mean, if I was so fortunate to see naked girls asses while in middle school (my God, who did when I went to school?), it would no doubt jump-start my own sexuality and put me on the right path to a long and lasting love with female butts. I can see where you're coming from now.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 2:14AM on January 13, 2010

Just show the butt Amanda, we need some Nicole Kidmans. Give us a good walk from the bed nude scene, alas, sexy. , Ana Claudia Talancon, at least she takes it off. What is this prudeness.? We have to have Paul Veerhoeven direct your next movie. Just show it. LOL

James @ 2:08PM on January 12, 2010


James, I just got to ask you one question: Do you ever get tired of the female butts?

Skin_Enthusiast @ 7:40PM on January 12, 2010

Shhhh! Don't tell any of my "followers," my "fan base" that I'm here posting a comment. According to one skeptical commentor from over the weekend, I wouldn't want to "disgust" any more people with my "hostile takeover" of the blog. Sorry, I just couldn't resist opening up that can of worms.

Now that we have that laid to rest, I just can't stress enough how great Amanda Bynes looks in that Maxim spread. Just when did her breasts look so full and ripe for picking? Something sure looks mouth-watering. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Skin_Enthusiast @12:56AM on January 12, 2010

Best Assets in a Motion Picture should at LEAST be a category in the People's Choice awards. I'd vote for that in a heartbeat, provided they had video samples of all the nominees...

Nevermore @ 3:49PM on January 11, 2010

What you said is misleading . Amanda Bynes didn't mention anything about Oscar.
Good movies aren't necessarily big Oscar winners. For instance, "Fight Club" is widely regarded as a movie classic, but that film only received one minor Oscar nomination.

Nudelover @12:05PM on January 11, 2010


Not only that, of course, but some of the greatest movies of all time -- true American classics have never even been NOMINATED for Oscars. The bottom line? You can't always trust a film's artistic merit on Oscars, because so many films and performances will sadly be overlooked. Does that mean the acting and the film(s) aren't any good? No, not necessarily. It just means that the Academy doesn't always honor those that are most deserving of Hollywood's highest honor.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 9:13PM on January 11, 2010


Actually, I would contend that there is only one good movie a year and that's the one that wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The rest are garbage,

Count Rackula (Skinployee) @ 8:13AM on January 12, 2010

@Count Rackula:

Not necessarily. The five Best Picture nominees do tend to be the BEST of the year, but not always, of course. Now with the Academy choosing TEN nominees instead of the usual five, I think this will give 'em a chance to not only honor the five best, but also the five BIGGEST moneymakers of the year. In my humble opinion, THOSE are usually the ones that are garbage. They may make a ton of money at the box office, but it doesn't mean they're great films overall.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 7:46PM on January 12, 2010


You made very good points, Christopher. Thank you.

Nudelover @10:04PM on January 12, 2010


Thank YOU, Nude Lover. That's part of what I hope to accomplish with many of my comments. I hope that I can drive home some compelling points. I don't want them to just be about me rambling on about things that so many skin fans probably already know to begin with. My comments are aimed to please and if I should ever miss the mark, then that's purely unintentional.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 2:22AM on January 13, 2010

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