Is It The Dress Or The Water That Makes Zoey Deutch's Cleavage Look Amazing?

Personally, I’m not a fan of being soaking wet while fully dressed, which of course meant that everyone who knew this would attempt to push me in a pool whenever the chance arouse. And yet, there are some people who don’t mind it at all. Thankfully Zoey Deutch totally doesn’t mind getting a pool while wearing a sexy red dress.  

I’m sure no one would ever, ever consider pushing Zoey Deutch into a pool while fully dressed, but she might just wander in there on her own. And why not? It would seem that being soaking wet while fully dressed is quite a stunning look for Zoey Deutch. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she just started going everywhere completely drenched from head to toe. Sure, she would have to hire someone to follow her around with buckets of water, but that’s a job that many people would love to have.  

Of course now we have to wonder if it's the dress that is making Zoey Deutch’s cleavage the best it’s ever looked or does it have something to the fact her boobs are partially submerged in water? That one I don’t have an answer for, but don’t worry, I’ll spend all day staring at this picture until I can figure it out.