And Why Are One Name Celebrities So Damn Hot?

The fashion world tends to go slightly crazy for the MET Gala, what with all the wild, crazy, and often revealing ensembles. And who can blame them? But as usual, little attention is paid to the outstanding outfits worn to the many after parties. After all, Zendaya looks stunning in this floral pantsuit with matching nip slip.  

I guess one shouldn’t assume the nip slip was a key part of the outfit, but it really does tie everything together. One could make a pretty strong argument that the nipple is the best accessory anyone could wear to an after party. Sure diamond earrings or a fancy jeweled necklace will catch an eye or two, but show off an awesome nipple the whole world is paying attention. While it’s hard to say whom the very best dressed at the MET Gala was, I think the easy winner for the after party is Zendaya and her awesome nip slip.  

And can I also toss in the fact that there is just something super sexy about someone with one name. Granted if Zendaya went by Zen D. Aya, she would still be super sexy, but the whole one name thing just adds another layer of hotness to someone who is already pretty darn hot.