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Wing Lim Cho, whose name seems awfully redundant to us, had a banner year in 1997 with appearances in two Hong Kong cinematic endeavors; Don’t Tell My Partner and Full Alert. Unfortunately, those also happen to be the only two movies that she has ever been in. The latter of the two is an uninteresting crime-drama with loads of your standard explosions, shootouts, and martial arts ass-kicking, with little in the way of Skin. For that, one needs to check out the former, which features Wing Lim in all sorts of compromising positions, all of which show off her breasts, ass, and cooch, much to the delight of movie-goers Hong Kong-wide. There also happens to be a rug-munching scene that you would swear isn’t acting. I mean, if you were an actor, and the shot called for you to bury your face in a pretty lady’s naked muff, wouldn’t you just slip in some tongue whilst you were down there?

Top Scenes

Don't Tell My Partner (1997) Nude, breasts 00:39:00 Cho's lucky boyfriend gets his nuts cracked in the sack by his lovely, sweaterbeet-baring lady. (26 secs)
Don't Tell My Partner (1997) Nude, breasts 00:40:00 While gabbing on the phone, Wing's man can't help but playfully nuzzle her naked nooblies. It ain't QUITE phone sex . . . (33 secs)


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