Doesn't Willa Holland's Ass Make You Want To Do Good?

If you are like me, when those sad puppy and kitty commercials come on television you immediately change the channel. Nothing against animal rescue, I’m all for that, but those sad animals break my heart and I feel like we should come up with another way to get people to adopt animals. And I think I found the perfect idea to make people want to get out there, Willa Holland’s ass and a dog.  

You can throw some kind of slogan up there and BAM, you’ve created the world’s single greatest piece of advertising. I know they say sex sells, but sex could probably also help to get every single cat, dog, rabbit, bird, rat, snake, bunny, and whatever else is in a shelter into loving homes. That’s just how powerful Willa Holland’s ass truly can be, yes it’s true, Willa Holland has a magical ass.  

I’d also like to point out that Instagram feels no need to take this wonderful pic of Willa Holland’s ass down and yet when she wants to show off a boob or something, it must be censored. Is it because there’s a dog in the pic? That makes it okay? Maybe Willa Holland should snap a pic of this cute little guy between her boobs and post it to see if that’s cool with Instagram.