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What Breaks the Ice

What Breaks the Ice (2020)

No Nudity

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The tale as old as time of two girls over a summer break becoming best friends; Sammy (Sofia Hublitz) is a lower-middle class girl whose family is deciding on a nice summer vacation to the lake to enjoy some relaxing weather and water sports, while Emily (Madelyn Cline) is a spoiled rich girl from Manhattan who thinks she's somewhat slumming it in the woods. It's the summer of 1998, the primary topic of conversation not just to the youths on summer break, but everyone, is the blowjob heard round the world giving to the President and the fallout that followed. As these two friends begin to meet boys, explore their own sexual desires with them and periodically shower together or talk about "getting fingered" and "how rare orgasms are", they soon realize they might not be as similar as they thought they were at the beginning of the summer. Things get especially scary for them when one of them protects the other from a boy who is going to far and now they have a deep, dark secret that they share but also have to make sure no one else finds out what happened! You'll learn What Breaks the Ice in this dark and dramatic coming of age tale set in America in the 90s and starring a couple of amazingly sexy up and comers with Madelyn Cline playing the rich girl and Ozark star, Sofia Hublitz, playing the kind hearted hottie. Sofia spends some time in her bra, while Madelyn gives us a peek of the side of her thong while changing clothes, but the pair discussing the difference in their nipple color in the shower together is the highlight here! Not Madelyn Cline nude of a highlight, but a highlight nonetheless!