russia2Where’s the St. Peters-furburger?

The Evil Empire is long gone, so break out the hand lotion and Kleenex and get ready for a little Yak’n-ov and Smear’n-ov!

18 year-old Sofia Rudieva, who just beat out 49 other budding babe-oushkas for the title of Miss Russia earlier this month, is already making news all over the world five months before she’s set to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas. Topless and nude photos of the brunette beauty have appeared on the Internet and even in Russia’s daily paper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The last Miss Russia, Ksenia Sukhinova, who spent her early childhood living under Soviet rule, went on to win Miss World, proclaiming, “I am very glad to have brought this crown to Russia. I am proud that it is Russia that got the crown and I devote my victory to the whole country and to its every citizen... and to my grandmother.”

Sofia may not have the crown yet, but she’s already displaying two very good reasons to make Russia proud. Better T&A than KGB!

Born only weeks before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sofia is the first Miss Russia to have spent her entire life (for all intents and purposes) in the Russian Federation, and it looks like the untrammeled optimism that came with the fall of Communism must have had the effect of loosening the young Sofia’s inhibitions.

There is no word yet on what the fallout from the pictures will be. reports:

The beauty queen has so far not commented on the photo scandal. Her father denied awareness of the nude photo shoot and also insisted his daughter is a virgin.

Other pageant winners whose nude shots have turned up but still competed in Miss Universe include Miss Puerto Rico 1998 Joyce Giraud, Miss Spain 2000 Helen Lindes and Miss Greece 2001 Evelina Papantoniou. All three placed in the top three their respective years, according to the site Global Beauties.