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Wet Season

Wet Season (2019)

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Wet Season (2019) is a tender drama out of Singapore that was written and directed by luminary Anthony Chen about a beautiful relationship between a teacher and a student at a high school in Singapore who grow closer together in a mentor-mentee way. Ling is a Mandarin teacher who is also very busy outside of her job trying to get pregnant with IVF treatments and also taking care of her father-in-law's poor health. Meanwhile, one of her students strikes her interest and it seems like he has no one looking out for him in his life. She tries to be the parental figure in his life, but things get complicated as her outside drama grows. All of this takes place during the Monsoon season so heavy rains pour outside as they seem to pour inside her heart. Aw, cute! Of course, things get tense and they go in the direction that you are likely thinking and Ling does get into some trouble. Ling can get into Good Trouble with us anytime she wants! She is played by the gorgeous Malaysian actress Yann Yann Yeo who shows off some panties when she sits down on the toilet to take a pregnancy test. When she shifts and stands up, we get to see her ass. We also see her petite shoulders and cleavage when she is still wearing her bra as Christopher Lee gets on top of her and starts having sex with her. Yann's yummy scenes will certainly bring the Wet Season!