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Was Sie schon immer über Singles wissen wollten (2005)

Brief Nudity

Was Sie schon immer über Singles wissen wollten (2005), or Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Singles, is a made for tv German film. Tina (Chiara Schoras) is a documentary filmmaker who lies about her relationship status in order to show that she is expert enough on single people to make a documentary about them. Because of this lie, however, she finds that her relationship is in jeopardy as every man she comes in to contact with, including her cameraman, wants to bang her because they think she's single and available.  It's easy to see why Chiara Schoras is the object of affection for so many men, as she is incredibly gorgeous, and looks even more so the further undressed she gets. While we only glimpse her gobstoppers in an out of focus scene as she sits up in bed behind a guy, and a down shirt shot as she bends over to make a bed, the shots of her looking sexy in a silvery dress and a close up shot of her booty in a pair of white undies are equally scintillating! Chiara will make you grow like a Chia Pet!


Chiara Schoras

Nude - as TinaSexy, breasts, underwear

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