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Viva Hot Babes

Viva Hot Babes (2003)

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When producers try to get too creative with a title it can be a disservice to the true nature of the film. That's why the hairy palms at Skin Central salute (one-handedly, of course) the Filipino production Viva Hot Babes (2003), a softcore steamer that tells it like it is. Viva Hot Babes is like Spice World (1997), only way spicier. See, "Viva Hot Babes" is a girl group who were formed when the geniuses behind the Philippines' Viva Communications realized that all those horny dudes tapping their feet to girl groups' catchy pop songs, were also obsessed with what it would be like to tap those asses! So, they figured what if we made a girl group that was willing to do sex flicks? A concept that proved stunningly successful, the group launched all sorts of softcore stuff, starting with this straight to video classic. Oddly, some of the hot babes just tease in bikinis or topless but hiding their assets (and their tits) behind their hands. But for every Andrea Del RosarioKristine Jaca, and Maui Taylor there's a Hazel CabreraGwen GarciMyles HernandezJen Rosendahl, and Katya Santos picking up the slack and taking off her clothes. From Hazel's hooters hanging out when she goes skinny dipping with a dude, and Gwen Garci letting us see her tits as she lets a just as topless Jen Rosendahl cover her in bodypaint, all the way to Katya Santos wearing a hilariously transparent coverup at the beach, the hot babes in this one that are willing to unveil their tatas are truly top notch! You'll be begging for beava after seeing these hot babes Viva!