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Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach

Great Nudity!

There are a lot of crime series out there-- pretty much every country that has TV has at least one-- but the six-part German series Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach (2013) has an edge on all the CSIs and Law & Orders of the world. No, it's not the gravitas of lead actor Josef Beer Bichler (although he does have plenty of that) that makes it special, it's the rampant nudity from sexy actresses like Britta Hammelstein, Friederike Becht, Maxi Locher, and Nadine Boske. Crime might not pay, but Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach guarantees a money shot. 


Nadine Boske

Becks Freundin

Britta Hammelstein

Ingrid Fähner

Maxi Locher


Friederike Becht

Stefanie Becker

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