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United States of Love (2016)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Tomasz Wasilewski
  • Theatrical Release: 10/16/2016
  • Country: Poland, Sweden
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(0:04) Julia Kijowska stands on the balcony in her panties and smoking. When she throws away her cigarette she reveals some very prominent pokeys being going back inside.(0:06) On a video we see BRUNETTE being screwed from behind. Her bouncing breasts front and center. (Could just be a random porn video.)(0:07) Julia Kijowska is in the bathtub. When she sits up we see her breasts over the sign as a guy asks her to shave his neck. When the guy gets into the tub we get a full frontal look at her breasts and bush and then her buns when she moves her towel.(0:10) Julia Kijowska in bed riding the guy in his lap. We see her breasts from the side. When she falls back to the bed and lies on her side towards us we see her bush.(0:16) Left breast on Julia Kijowska as she is washing herself in the sink.(0:28) Julia Kijowska takes down her pants beside the bed exposing her panties. It is a little dark but they come down and we get great shot of her buns as she gets into bed and lies down with a guy before climbing aboard him and riding him which we see from the side all in one shot.(0:36) Magdalena Cielecka is lying in bed, naked but with the blanket just covering the good parts.(1:10) Dorota Kolak in her bra which we see from the top from the side and then the back as she puts a shirt on to go to the window.(1:13) Marta Nieradkiewicz in a bathing suit leading a class of old woman in the swimming pool.(1:21) OLD WOMAN showing breasts, bush and buns toweling off in the locker room. THREE OTHER WOMEN also come in showing breasts and bush.(1:22) Dorota Kolak drops her towel to get into the pool in her bra and panties.(1:32) Right breast on Marta Nieradkiewicz seen on the bed as she is passed out while a guy masturbates over her. When he gets off we see both breasts, bush and a visible blotch on her stomach where he finished. It becomes a long scene as Dorota Kolak comes in to wash the semen off of her as well as her entire body. The scene never cuts from Marta Nieradkiewicz’s sleeping body.(1:36) Dorota Kolak likes naked on the couch. From the side we see her right breast and bush. Then she turns over on er stomach and we see both breasts.(1:38) Marta Nieradkiewicz wakes up in the bedroom. When she stands up we see full frontal breasts and bush. Then buns as she comes into the bathroom to throw up and walk back where she lies down on the floor and cries with her buns and left breast visible.

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