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Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil (1971)

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They may be twins of evil, but Mary and Madeleine Collinson make up a foursome of fun in Hammer Studio's classic horror film Twins of Evil (1971). The gorgeous sisters--fresh off their appearance as Playboy’s delightful dual Miss Octobers 1970--star as Maria and Frieda Gellhorn, the gorgeous nieces of Gustav Weil (Peter Cushing). It's the 17th Century in Austria, and Gustav stays busy burning Satanists, vampires and a few innocent folks in his small village. The only one Gustav won't touch is Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas), the Satan loving vampire who the Emperor won't let anyone kill. When Gustav's nieces come to live with him, he doesn’t notice when one of the Collinsons begins to get lured by the Count toward vampiric delights. He eventually figures out that he’s got a bloodsucker in his family, but it’s hard figuring out which twin is the agent of Satan and which one's the innocent young girl. The Count better figure out which twin's evil before the whole town gets turned into Devil worshipping bloodsuckers. He might have to figure it our, but viewers, however, won’t be nearly as selective in choosing which of the Collinson twins gets to raise a stake in their pants! With sexy Playmate twins, viewers could count on all sorts of sexy situations, and this one didn't let them down! Both Collinson girls, who were actually the first ever identical twins to be featured centerfolds, show boob and bush in black and white behind the scenes footage from the DVD extra. In the movie, we get just a nip slip from Mary, though there's tons of cleavage. The lovely Maggie Wright mixes things up by going naked under a sheet as some part of a supernatural ritual. Matching DNA produces some tremendous T&A in Twins of Evil!