TV's nudest fantasy series, Game of Thrones, didn't disappoint this week with the return of British burlesque babe Esme Bianco, going full frontal as a sexy courtesan (that's medieval for "hooker"). Also last night, Camelot, which has been sadly lacking in the Eva Green nudity department these past few weeks, returned to form with a bathtub scene that showed off Eva's bewitching behind.

On Game of Thrones, Esme Bianco, who dinkled Peter Dinklage on the series premiere, reprised her role as the town tart, baring all three B's in the process. In this episode Esme got stark naked banging one of Lord Ned Stark's men doggy-style. Afterwards the two engaged in a little nude political scheming, which is presumably what passes for pillow talk in the fantasy kingdom of Westeros.

Meanwhile in the mythical land of Camelot (aka Starz), sexy sorceress Eva Green bared a bit of boobage and some quality seat meat when a lusty lad spied on her in the bath.

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