The Academy Awards are this weekend, and lots of ladies have doffed their duds on screen, and lots have won an Oscar, but it's a very small club who went nude in the film for which they won an Oscar. These seven Best Actress and three Best Supporting Actress winners all went the extra mile to earn Oscar gold, and here they are for your enjoyment! And who knows, if Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, or Alicia Vikander win on Sunday, they may join this exclusive club!

10. Glenda JacksoninWomen in Love

Won Best Actress in1969

9. Helen HuntinAs Good as it Gets

Won Best Actress in1997

8. Mary SteenburgeninMelvin and Howard

Won Best Supporting Actress in1980

7. Juliette BinocheinThe English Patient

Won Best Supporting Actress in1996

6. Jessica LangeinBlue Sky

Won Best Actress in1994

5. Rachel WeiszinThe Constant Gardener

Won Best Supporting Actress in2005

4. Holly HunterinThe Piano

Won Best Actress in1993

3. Gwyneth PaltrowinShakespeare in Love

Won Best Actress in1998

2. Kate WinsletinThe Reader

Won Best Actress in2008

1. Halle BerryinMonster's Ball

Won Best Actress in2001