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To the Stars

To the Stars (2019)

No Nudity

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To the Stars (2019) is a heartwarming story that takes place in a small Oklahoma town in 1961. A dorky girl played by Kara Hayward struggles to make friends, but a wild girl from Kansas (Liana Liberato) moves to town and quickly befriends her. They form a very tight friendship that makes their small town talk. Like very close. They wind up kissing one night, but Liana runs out in embarrassment as Kara begs her to stay. We want her to stay, too, because Liana's lesbian encounters are hot. She also kisses Adelaide Clemens right on the mouth! She stays rather closed when she's in a locker room with other girls and Sophi Bairley barely snaps her bra on. That old-fashioned bra certainly hugs her bust! Kara, however, takes off her bra to show off some sideboob in one scene. She also gives us some pokies in her nightgown for a scene that will have something in your pants poking up straight to the stars.