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Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan

Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan (1998)

Great Nudity!


Tigerstreigenbaby wartet auf Tarzan (1998) sounds like your run of the mill loincloth and jungle adventure, but it's actually a German film about a time traveller who falls in love with two different women. The time traveller wants to bring his lady love to the future to cure her illness, but she dies before he can and instead falls in love with Laura Luna (Valeska Hanel) and Luise (Cora Frost), both of whom are well acquainted with one another... wink wink, nudge nudge! Cora Frost and Valeska Hanel can be seen having a sexy sapphic session in these screen caps from this German sci-fi mind bender. Valeska's pert and perky peepers compliment Cora's prim and petite peaks, and these two ladies were clearly having the time of their lives even before Tarzan or whomever showed up. Your little time traveller won't know whether it's coming or going, but we know which one it's more likely to be when you get a load of these luscious ladies!