Could We Have More Julianne HoughPhoto Spreads, Please

Queen of Workouts—or as you may know her,Julianne Hough—is once again gracing the cover of another health magazine. And while that might not be big news to some because we constantly see Julianne Hough in workout clothing, this time she’s in regular clothing and guess what… it’s super sexy.

To be fair, she is wearing some workout clothes, but not like the way we normally see her. Typically we find Julianne Hough fresh from yoga or running or dancing or whatever it is that she does. Now, she’s showing off her body in a totally different way. Itshouldn’t be much of a surprise that Julianne Hough looks absolutely stunning, since she apparently works out all the time. Still this spread from the September 2016 issue of Shape Magazine just might be the sexiest I’ve ever seen Julianne Hough and that is saying a lot because I’ve seen quite a few sexy pictures of Julianne Hough. Maybe it’s the fact she’s not wearing her normal workout clothes, maybe it’s the fact that’s she’s not sweaty, or maybe it’s the fact she’s not wearing a bra underneath that unbuttoned shirt, but there is something about these pictures that I can’t get enough of.

While we all enjoy seeing Julianne Hough in workout clothing—she is the Queen of Workouts, after all—but seeing her showing off the results of those workouts is pretty awesome. Hopefully we’ll have more photo spreads from more magazines in the very near future.