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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) is a Czech love story set against the Soviet invasion of 1968. Based upon a beloved, bummer of a Czech novel, the film (which the novel's author ended up hating) stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a womanizing brain surgeon named Tomas. He's got two Czech chicks on the brain: Tereza (Juliette Binoche) and Sabina (Lena Olin). He does them both and tries to get them to be buddies, but ends up marrying Tereza. When the Soviets roll into town, the trio move to Switzerland, but hate it there. Sabina heads to the Land of the Free, but Tomas and Tereza go back home only to find that their anti-Commie attitude and previous anti-Soviet art makes them outcasts. Disbarred from the doctor life, Tomas ends up washing windows instead of saving lives. Will that slow down his sex life? Probably. But back when he was the doc with the big cock, Tomas was getting so much ass the USSR should've made him share the wealth! The typically amazing acting of Daniel Day-Lewis, who actually learned Czech for the role despite the whole thing being in English, isn't the only reason to check out this one. So many unbearably sexy women undress in the film. Pascale Kalensky is a nurse who unbuttons her scrubs to show her dubs, in an attempt to capture Tomas's attention. Consuelo De Haviland will have your dong in your hand when she shows all three B's in a super slow, sensual strip down to flash all three B's for Tomas, before straddling a chair. Lena Olin shows it all when she does a sexy naked photoshoot with Tereza as her photog. But with all that action at his disposal, Tomas chose to marry Tereza, and after seeing Juliette Binoche it's not hard to understand why. We see titty, kitty, and ass from Juliette as she bangs Tomas on the couch, as she's doing some dirty touching with Sabin, and while she's lying naked in front of the fire. Watching those scenes, suddenly there was an unbearable tightness in our pants!