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The Truth About Emanuel (2013)

No Nudity

The Truth About Emanuel (2013) is a surreal thriller following the titular character (Kaya Scodelario), an abrasive and troubled teenager with serious mommy issues. You see, Emanuel’s mother died during her birth, and the tormented teen has yet to properly deal with her emotions and guilt surrounding her untimely death. When Linda (Jessica Biel), a mysterious single mother of a newborn, who just happens to resemble the long dead mom, moves in next door, the plot thickens. Emanuel’s odd attraction to Linda leads to an offer to babysit her child, which leads the fragile femme to enter an odd world where she soon discovers her new neighbor’s secrets. It’s no secret that Mr. Skin would love to see Kaya and Jessica in this thriller, but the truth is that there’s no flesh. Sure, we get to see both gals in their bras, and we get a teasing view of some Biel side boob, but The Truth About Emanuel will leave you wanting less truth and more flesh!


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