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The Torture Club (2014)

Great Nudity!

(0:02) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI in the shower smacking her thigh in a bathing suit. Then a bulge forms in the suit towards the back.
(0:05) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI strip out of her bathing suit. We see her buns and almost all of her left breast from the side.
(0:06) NORIKO KIJIMA strips to her bra and panties. We see close-ups of the underwear being removed but no skin until we get a look at her breasts and bush from the side. Then a shot of her breasts in the mirror as she puts on a tiny reb bathing sits that barely covers her good parts. She begins masturbating and the breasts come out again. She falls to her bed and finishes herself off with her fingers underneath the bathing suit.
(0:12) MIKA YANO SHINZAKI is tied up showing her breasts and panties.
(0:15) NORIKO KIJIMA is tied up in a chair with her legs up showing her panties. She is then tickled throughout her legs and crotch.
(0:18) A vaginal torture device is used on NORIKO KIJIMA. There is a quick shot of it apparently in which exposes part of her bush. Then she shoots some pee into the face of HARUNA YOSHIZUMI.
(0:22) NORIKO KIJIMA at locker in bra and panties. She strips out of the panties to show her buns and then puts a bathing suit on.
(0:22) MIKA YANO is bent over in her panties being spanked. We see her breasts from the side. Then she is on the ground naked showing her breasts and bush.
(0:22) TORTURER is in a leather dominatrix outfit.
(0:24) NORIKO KIJIMA is strung up while HARUNA YOSHIZUMI pulls up her shirt revealing some massive cleavage.
(0:26) MIKA YANO is strung up in just her panties. Her breasts are visible through the ropes.
(0:28) MIKA YANO is bent over in her bathing suit bottoms. Her shirt is lifted showing her breasts. NORIKO KIJIMA and HARUNA YOSHIZUMI are also in their bathing suit bottoms. Then MIKA YANO is on some sex machine with only a fake strawberry covering her crotch.
(0:28) NORIKO KIJIMA’s top is cut off exposing her breasts. Then her shorts are cut off revealing her bush. She then stands there with her arms tied above her head giving us a full frontal look.
(0:30 Left breast on MIKA YANO at her locker. Then a quick shot at both breasts as she puts a shirt on.
(0:33) SUZUKI is standing all roped up again showing full frontal breasts and bush.
(0:37) MIKA YANO and SUZUKI are tied up outside in their bra and panties. Then honey is rubbed on NORIKO KIJIMA’s body. They are surrounded by bugs who are drawn to the honey. Bugs are thrown on them. We get close-ups of them on NORIKO KIJIMA’s crotch. Even one shot of a breast but not sure whose it is since both have their underwear on.
(0:39) NORIKO KIJIMA is dragged into room in her bra and panties and then placed into an iron maiden. After she is passed out on the floor in her bra and panties.
(0:42) ALL WOMEN are showering outside. We see Breasts, bush and buns on NORIKO KIJIMA. Buns on YUKI MAMIYA and MIKA YANO who also shows left breast from the side. HARUNA YOSHIZUMI is kneeling in the corner and we can kinda make out a little bush.
(0:43) NORIKO KIJIMA sits in a little tub with her legs up to her chest. HARUNA YOSHIZUMI’s hair cover her own chest.
(0:44) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI disrobes. Her hair covers her chest. Ten she is in red lingerie.
(0:47) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI is tied up in her red lingerie and whipped.
(0:49) YUKI MAMIYA is in a tiny dress while MIKA YANO is chained to her. We see her buns, breasts and bush.
(0:49) A close-up of HARUNA YOSHIZUMI’s legs as she takes her stockings off. We see her buns as she looks at herself in the mirror. Her hair is covering her chest. Then there is a close-up of her hand over her crotch as she begins to rub it.
(0:52) MOTHER Comes in wearing a little tiny bathing suit number. (This may be Shungiku Uchida.)
(0:53) NORIKO KIJIMA takes off her top and stands there showing her breasts.
(0:57) NORIKO KIJIMA has her skirt pulled up in the running shower by another girl. We see her panties which she moves towards the middle to spank her.
(0:59) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI how showing her breasts as she drips hot candle wax onto the buns of NORIKO KIJIMA. A shot looks to reveal what may be shaved bush on HARUNA YOSHIZUMI. She has her hand over the crotch of NORIKO KIJIMA and draws back some wetness. There is cnadle wax all over NORIKO KIJIMA’S breasts. Then HARUNA YOSHIZUMI is rubbing stuff into her buns. Then begins to make love with her. Kissing and it gets pretty hot and heavy. Nice aerial 69 shot. All leads to some upward squirting.
(1:03) NORIKO KIJIMA is sleeping with her breasts exposed after esex. Then cut to her being tied upside down in a chair naked. MIKA YANO comes over in her panties to pour water on her face.
(1:04) MIKA YANO now showing her breasts. Then this is a close-up shot of something between the legs of NORIKO KIJIMA and we see her bush.
(1:06) YUKI MAMIYA is in her panties.
(1:08) We see the thong panties on YUKI MAMIYA as she whips HARUNA YOSHIZUMI who is tied up.
(1:14) NORIKO KIJIMA pulls up her skirt revealing a close-up look at her panties as she takes a cross and presses it into her panties.
(1:15) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI wearing practically just a bandage over her chest and using the tiny Borat-like bathing suit to press into her crotch. A second shot shows her hand under the fabric masturbating cross-cut with NORIKO KIJIMA now pulling down her panties exposing her bush and some buns on the floor while masturbating. Her bra becomes visible too. It resorts in a cross-screen shot of both of them squirting.
(1:18) YUKI MAMIYA is in lingerie tied up. Then NORIKO KIJIMA in a tiny dominatrix outfit.
(1:26) HARUNA YOSHIZUMI strips out of her dress down to her little red Borat-like bathing suit. She is then tied up.
(1:31) NORIKO KIJIMA stands to her own skimpy white bathing suit. There is a close-up of her covered crotch area as a rope is pulled up.
(1:34) During the end credits NORIKO KIJIMA and HARUNA YOSHIZUMI are performing a kind of scissor show grinding up against each other with their breasts exposed and tied up to each other.


Haruna Yoshizumi

Nude - as N/ALesbian, Sexy, breasts, bush, butt, left breast, underwear

Noriko Kijima

Nude - as N/ALesbian, Sexy, breasts, bush, butt, underwear

Mika Yano

Nude - as N/Abreasts, bush, butt, left breast, underwear

Yuki Mamiya

Nude - as N/ASexy, butt, underwear

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