Thirty-nude and looking oh so fine. The one and only Scarlett Johansson turns thirty-nine years old today, November 22nd 2023, and we thought that this presented the perfect opportunity to check out her hottest scenes to date.

Let's start with the most recend Scarlett Johansson nudity. Everyone wanted to check out Asteroid City for the infamous Scarlett Johansson nude scene, however, nudity detectives found out that she actually used a body double.

No matter. A) We love the scene, even if it is Katy Heffernan-Smith's boobs and bush that we're witnessing and B) Scarlett Johansson has already actually gone full frontal on camera!

Nude Scene In Asteroid City

Asteroid City is Wes Anderson's latest highly stylized indie romp, and in one scene a perfectly framed Johansson is seen in a towel in the bathroom. After rubbing her hands all over her thighs, Scarlet's character drops her towel as Jason Schwartzman watches from another house. It's a very brief full frontal flash, but it was enough to light the Internet on fire and get people speculating that Johansson was breaking her nudity strike. That is not the case, but still, thank you Wes Anderson. Thank you for giving us so little.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Scene In Under The Skin

As we said, we ain't too torn up over this body double because almost a decade ago, the birthday girl went epically frontal in her acclaimed indie Under The Skin, in which she plays a man-eating alien. This alien checks out her physique in the mirror, and let us just say that she picked quite the human form. Wowza!

Scarlett Johansson's Best Scenes To Date - Body Double Or Not